Our Story

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was raised in a small house in the northern mountains near the snow and surrounded by cows. There was also a boy who grew up in the south, surrounded by olive trees and close to the smell of the sea.

They both had a common passion, and without having ever come across each other in their lives, they were going to be united one day by something very simple, but also very precious.

One day the child from the south made a long journey north to discover those lands and suddenly came across the girl. They quickly struck up a friendship that soon made the little girl leave for southern lands with her new partner. They  became inseparable and realised that the land where they had grown up and they had learned everything in their lives  was too small for them to keep growing.

After a while, and much rethinking, they  made the difficult decision to leave their beloved land behind and travel to a distant place where neither had ever been before. As luggage the two children decided to take with them something very important, a passion which drove the two. A passion which the two had been born with, had been raised with, and had lived with during those days in the northern lands.

They felt the need to show this passion to the inhabitants of the new lands, as they felt that it was so precious that it had to be shared with the World.

And they kept growing up…

We are here to share with you our love for our amazing food!

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