Our Tapas

To start your party, don’t miss out our traditional Spanish tapas!

Our Grandma’s Tapas                    $3.95 pp (each)*

There is nothing like grandma’s recipes: tradition, taste and love. We have followed our grandma’s recipes (Paqui and Felisa) to bring you the real flavours we have been raised with.
  • New!
    Spanish Style Aioli Potatoes

    If there is a tapa you will find at any bar in Spain, it is this one. Simple but charming. Hand cut boiled potatoes folded in a creamy aioli, parsley with a touch of smoked paprika.

  • Manchego Cheese

    6 months old. Cheese from our Spanish Manchega Sheep with a touch of smoked paprika and extra virgin olive oil. The intense taste and crumbly texture make it perfect to eat it as is

  • Chorizo

    It is a pork sausage that has many different varieties and is eaten all over Spain. Chorizo is made by chopping or grinding the pork and “marinating” it in spices, it is called “el adobo”

  • Salmorejo

    It is a cold, creamy tomato mousse, originating from Córdoba, Southern Spain. The most important ingredient is our “liquid gold”, Spanish extra virgin olive oil. The original taste of this dish comes from the quality of our olive oil

  • Gazpacho

    It is a cool, refreshing and flavorsome entree ideal for a hot summer’s day. This soup is commonly drunk in the southern part of Spain called Andalucía, the region from which it originates. Enjoy gazpacho from a soup bowl, or drink it from a glass. It is tasty, refreshing and very healthy, since it is made from nothing but fresh vegetables and a bit of olive oil and vinegar

  • Tortilla de Patatas

    My grandma is famous all around her town due to her “tortilla de patatas”. All her life, she has been teaching me that the love for food is the most important thing when cooking. We want to prove this to you by allowing you to try our famous family recipe

Our Signature Tapas        from $4.25 pp (each)*

  • $ 4.75 New!
    The lovers

    Octopus and prawns love each other and we can't say no to a love story. A juicy garlic prawn on an octopus croquette and aioli.

  • $4.25 New!
    Marinated Baby Octopus

    Tender and delicious baby octopus marinated in wine, herbs, garlic and capsicum with a delicate touch of chilli and ginger. This tapa is a must for all seafood lovers.

  • $4.25
    Spanish Bruschetta

    Our special tomato base on a garlic toast with Spanish Jamón Serrano. We eat this tapa every day!

  • $4.50
    Garlic Prawns

    Australian Prawns by Spanish Style, with a touch of garlic and  chilli

  • $ 4.25
    Mejillones Vinagreta

    Amazingly tender steamed large mussels with our super fresh signature vinaigrette 

…And the best of all!! We cook our tapas in front of you with the freshest produce.

Our Iberico Platters                    $9 pp 

  • Iberico Platter

    Try our selection of Spanish cured meats, cheese, breads, olives and extra virgin olive oil, perfect entree to share!

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*Price per tapa and person when you also order Paella