Our values

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Our maximum value is honesty and affection with which we organise your event. What you see on our website is what you will see on the day of your event.

Helping locals

We always look for the best quality. Our suppliers are our friends, and friends give you always the best produce. We have found the balance between tradition from imported Spanish products and the best quality fresh produce from Australia.

Allergy matters.

We know how important for you and your guests is to enjoy the experience without troubles or worries. We take food allergies seriously avoiding cross contamination, just let us know and we will take care of it.

Always gluten free.

When we say gluten free, we MEAN it. Some food, although it is supposed to be gluten free, can contain preservatives and starches with gluten. We know it and we don’t use them during the cooking process.

Do you want to know more about the ingredients we use?