Your event

You might be wondering how your event would be, if you need to provide anything, how much space we use, etc... We will make your event free of any hassle so you can enjoy and have fun. It will be just perfect!
  • Your event
    Your event is coming up and we can’t wait! You name it, birthday party, engagement, christening, wedding, baby shower, house warming and much more. We have so much experience and will offer a personalised plan just for you. We will also personalise your cutlery set and serviette with your logo, your favourite colours, your name or whatever idea you have in mind.;
  • What we might need
    To make your party unforgettable we would need a bit of your help, but don’t worry! everything will be very easy. Tell us the theme of the party, something special for you, your family or friends, or simply send us some pictures from decorations or events you like, we will do the rest;
  • The space
    We can set up in different ways and will adapt to your space. It would depend on the size of your event, but we are usually happy with 3×3 meters to set up our food station.;
  • Preparation
    It will vary depending on the number of guests but, approximately, we would need to arrive around 2-3 hours prior to serving time. ;
  • Cooking time
    Since we start cooking your Paella, it will take around 1.5 – 2 hours. We respect so much our Spanish Paella and make it using the original technique only (no split paellas, dodgy powders or secret ingredients). Good dishes need time and love!;
  • The weather
    We love to cook outdoors but keep in mind that we might need an undercover space in case of adverse weather conditions, such as heavy rains or strong winds. If you need a Gazebo, please let us know in advance, we can help you with that as well;
  • Some lights?
    We always bring our little lamps for our food station, but your Paella will be even more impressive if you can provide good lighting.;
  • Paella is ready!
    Now is the easiest part! Paella is ready and we will serve it straight from the pan to your plate, like in Spain. Your guests will love to line up, chat with us and pick their favourite ingredients. Don’t  worry if you are not the first one to be served, we will not only ensure that everyone has a plate but also seconds for the most hungry ones!;
  • Before we go
    All done! Enjoy your beautiful party and spend time with your friends. We will clean up our space before we leave and will say “Gracias! see you in your next occasion” :);
Watch this video if you still have any doubt.

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