we love food

We love what we do, and we do what we love.


Yes, we do

To make the sweet memories last longer...


We don't make Paella just by using the right ingredients, but also our love and passion for food as well as only the freshest produce. All of this is what goes into our huge paella pans, making them even more impressive.


Why Typical Spanish Catering?

Typical Spanish Catering Sydney was founded in affection and obligation to share the real Spanish food on this side of the globe

The passion we have for Spanish food and the effort we put into finding the best produce, have led us to make the tastiest Paella and the Spanish most traditional Tapas and desserts in Sydney


•   Finalist for a Sydney Business Award in 2012

•   Awarded 5-Star Rating from customers on Google

•   Unique and Professional Spanish Catering

•   Founded and managed by a Spanish Chef